Our Approach to Sizing and Fit

Wasteless Kiwi supports product design that reduces waste and overconsumption. Achieving the best possible fit is one avenue for reducing waste in clothing. Since clothing comes in a variety of styles and fit, and every woman has her own preference as to which looks best on her, our online shop endeavours to provide all the necessary information to inform your choice of size, fit and style.

RedDress is devoted to extending the life of cloth and fibre and redresses the way we make things. The RedDress, Redetermined Dress Collection, is remade from discarded clothing. The upcycling method provides some limitations to the general size of panels which influences the resulting garment design. Styles within this collection tend to be more tailored and less fluid. Dresses described as slim fit are designed to flatter the form with an easy fit that gently defines the waist.

Garments in the One piece of Cloth Collection are designed to flow easily over the body. Their fit is generous and relaxed, most styles feature multiple functionality providing a variety of styling options for fit: whereby one option might allow for a fuller more fluid fit with ease, the second option might draw it closer to the body providing more of a sheath fit that skims over the body for comfort. Your height may also affect how a particular style fits and some styles have such versatility that ‘One Size Fits Most’.

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