How to Measure yourself

Use a tape measure and the following guidelines.

Measuring tips

  • Use a cloth tape measure – not metal. 
  • Hold tape snug but do not pull tight to allow correct measurement for wearing.  Ensure tape is level and not twisted.
  • Have someone help you with any height measurements:
  • Stand barefoot on a level surface
  • Stand upright but relaxed with your feet together

Measure around the fullest part of your bust and across the shoulder blades. Ensure the tape measure is level and arms are to the side of your body. Bring the tape together keeping a forefinger between the tape and your body.

Measure loosely around the narrowest part of the waist, the tape will settle at your true waistline. Bring the tape together keeping forefinger between the tape and your body.

Measure the fullest part of the hips. This will be about 20 cm below the waistline. (Please note if the measurement for the tops of your thighs is greater than your hips, then substitute it for the Hip measurement.) Bring the tape together keeping forefinger between the tape and your body.

Height can often affect how a particular style fits. In general, if your height is less than the Average range you may prefer size S, likewise if you are taller than 1.73m you might choose L. However, while we structure our patterns based on an Average height range from 1.63m – 1.73, in the very fluid styles, patterns are enlarged in both width and length. This ensures that size L will glide over large body measurements and size S doesn’t swamp small bodies. Equally L can also refer to Long and is very suitable for tall customers with body measurements in the Small or Medium range. Similarly, S might also become a shorter version of the style when worn by customers with body measurements in the Small size range but tall height range.

One Size Fits Most

Styles in the One piece of Cloth Collection are designed to flow easily over the body. The fit is generous and relaxed, some styles have such versatility that we have labelled these as One Size Fits Most – we have customers ranging from size 8 through size 18 comfortably wearing this one size.