The evolution of the KimiKit style names

The styles are named after my wonderful family and friends who supported me throughout the developing and testing of the prototypes. 
Vicki inspired me to create the first sewing kit. One day, in our 'saving the world' discussions, we began talking about the possibilities of mending merino garments. I could see she needed her own sewing kit to get her going… She tested the first prototype, which was very different aesthetically from the current KimKits. 

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I can’t go anywhere without my needle and thread! So last year when we visited Jess, who has been a great support in my life, I took prototype #2. As usual Jess’s feedback was invaluable. 

Leah, Selena and Cathy have given me all sorts of lovely fabric treasures over the years. Wonderfully they ‘volunteered’, together with Zoe, to test the next prototype. It started out in patchwork, as I investigated ways of maintaining a ‘look’ from my endless number of remnant fabrics. While I was making Cathy’s I found a gloriously ornate piece of vintage print that truly felt like a Cathy and so the style is aptly named. 

Ellie’s feedback was both generous and thorough and she was eager to test a KimiKit. She loved the Teal Blue flaps on the vintage series but really loved the OWL series – so it was a no brainer to create the Teal Blue Owl for Ellie. 
Moya and Holly tested another little project last year and chimed in big time along with Clarissa and Lexie with excellent feedback during the development of this Kickstarter campaign. 

As the themes developed and multiplied, each of these wonderful women were asked which style they would like to have named after them.

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