WK-Kiwi Washable Face Mask
WK-Kiwi Washable Face Mask
WK-Kiwi Washable Face Mask
WK-Kiwi Washable Face Mask

WK-Kiwi Washable Face Mask

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Wasteless Kiwi’s Face Mask is the sensible way to be eco-friendly in a pandemic while protecting your well-being!

In line with our zero-waste values and our promotion of re-use over single-use, we set out to provide Kiwi’s and visitors to our shores with an eco-friendly reusable face mask.  Our Wasteless-Kiwi Face Masks are remade in our workroom from a variety of rescued textile items, that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Each repurposed mask is individually handcrafted, using 3 specific layers of textile, in a precise combination providing a good degree of filtration against aerosol particles such as dust, air borne bacteria, virus and pollen (see here for further reading). 

These WK-Kiwi Face Masks are available in dark colours with our WK-Kiwi logo, the product options are an indication of the offered colourway: the actual colour and appearance of each mask will depend on the rescued cloth used, therefore it may vary from the item pictured. They are made in two sizes: (M) fits most faces and size (S) is ideally sized for women, older children and young adults.

NZ Made Washable Face Mask constructed from 3 fabric layers.

  • Due to current demand this product may require a lead time of up to 2 working days. 
  • This mask has not undergone formal clinical testing, and therefore no clinical claims are made about the mask itself. However, it is a washable and reusable face protector.
  • The triple fabric layers will protect against unwanted particles and moisture.
  • It is designed to fit close to the face for better protection. 
  • Comfortable elastic ear loops. 
  • Due to the face mask being a personal care item we cannot accept returns for hygiene reasons.  Please choose carefully. 

This mask is not a substitute for basic hygiene measures or staying home if unwell and maintaining physical distancing where possible and practical. Please remember to practise good hygiene by washing your hands regularly, using hand sanitiser and covering your sneeze or cough with your arm, not your hands and avoid touching your face. See here for more information on how to wear a reusable Face Mask.

Every item reused means less landfill

Support a wasteless future for textiles and join us in saving the planet one item at a time.


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