Paladin Face Mask - with Filter
Paladin Face Mask - with Filter
Paladin Face Mask - with Filter
Paladin Face Mask - with Filter
Paladin Face Mask - with Filter
Paladin Face Mask - with Filter
Paladin Face Mask - with Filter

Paladin Face Mask - with Filter

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The Paladin Face Mask is the sensible way to be eco-friendly in a pandemic while protecting your well-being!

NZ Sock's Paladin face mask aligns perfectly with our zero-waste values and our promotion of re-use over single-use. The Paladin mask, made in New Zealand, is knitted using waste-minimising Wholegarment production technology - creating the perfect zero-waste face mask. The masks are machine washable, reusable, sterile and extremely portable - sized to easily fit in your pocket. They combine two world class yarn technologies to reduce the build-up of moisture and heat, offering the wearer a breathable, moisture wicking, antibacterial and safe mask to wear.  They are knitted as a tube providing a pocket structure which allows the wearer to insert an extra barrier: the specialised HELIX.iso™ filter system that cuts out over 99% of small particles and droplets that carry viruses and bacteria.

Each Paladin Face Mask is supplied with or without one complimentary replaceable HELIX.iso™ wool-based filter as stated. 

NZ Made Washable Face Mask constructed in 2 fabric layers.

  • Due to current demand new stock is always on order.
  • This mask has not undergone formal clinical testing, and therefore no clinical claims are made about the mask itself. However, it is a washable and reusable face protector.
  • The double fabric layers will protect against unwanted particles and moisture and is sold with a disposable, easy-insert HELIX.iso™ wool-based filter for extra filtration.
  • Dry & Comfortable: reducing the build up of moisture & heat
  • Antimicrobial: Bacteria inhibiting Meryl® Skinlife
  • Paladin Face Mask can be worn with or without a filter.
  • It is designed to fit close to the face for better protection. 
  • Comfortable elastic ear loops.
  • Manufactured by NZ Sock Co Ltd 
  • Due to the face mask being a personal care item we cannot accept returns for hygiene reasons.  Please choose carefully. 
  • You can also purchase additional filters

Medium is generally sized to fit women and young adults 10cm x 22cm (h x w)

Large is generally larger sized to fit men 12cm x 24cm (h x w)

Every item reused means less landfill

Support a wasteless future for textiles and join us in saving the planet one item at a time.

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