Alterations & Repairs: Holes
Alterations & Repairs: Holes
Alterations & Repairs: Holes
Alterations & Repairs: Holes
Alterations & Repairs: Holes
Alterations & Repairs: Holes
Alterations & Repairs: Holes

Alterations & Repairs: Holes

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A stitch in time saves nine! Wasteless Kiwi now offers an Alteration and Repair Service online.

So why not make the most out of your favourite pieces of clothing and extend their lifetime with well-designed repair. Or reinvent your wardrobe with our personalised alteration service, now available online throughout NZ. If you can fit your clothing/textile item into a standard shipping package then it’s do-able.

We offer general clothing mending/repairs, alterations & shortenings e.g. Reinforce or patch worn areas; Patch holes larger than 50c piece; Repair and patch a long tear. Choose from our Mending options above. 

We can discuss specifics of the alteration via an email consultation. Minimum repair is $25.

Use our Mending Guide Instructions to better understand the information we need about your repair.  You can also add physical notes and safety pins on your actual clothing/textile item if that helps communicate your needs. 

Instructions at CHECK OUT:

Select “Provide your custom details HERE” (to the left of the Subtotal at CHECK OUT).

Provide us with as much detail as possible about what exactly needs repair. We'll also be guided by any notes you attach to your item/s.

Package your cleaned garments, along with a prepaid & self-addressed courier bag, and send it to our Workroom, as detailed in Mending Guide Instructions.

NOTE: There will be no Shipping/Delivery options because you’re sending the prepaid return packaging with your repair item/s. However, as our workroom is a Rural address, please use Discount Code: “Rural-SelfPost” to instantly receive a $5.50 discount to cover any extra Rural Post fees that you’ll encounter when posting to our workroom.

If you are local just call in and drop off your items. 

Once received, we will complete your repairs as quickly as possible and we'll return it to you in your self-addressed prepaid packaging. Most repairs will take less than 5 days to turnaround.

Every item reinvented/repaired/reused means less landfill 

Our goal is to reduce textile waste. We know extending the life of clothing and textiles with well-designed and timely repairs will reduce textiles in landfill.

Have some fun and support a wasteless future for textiles and join us in saving the planet one item at a time.

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