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Kim Fraser AUT University

Kim Fraser - Master of Art & Design (Hons)

Kim Fraser is a designer and practitioner with a career in fashion that spans more than 30 years. Grounded in socially responsible design, her practitioner research has resulted in several co-authored publications concerning sustainable fashion practices and textile waste.


Fraser, K. (2018). ReDress: Maximising Component Reuse for Fashion. In Crocker, R., & Chiveralls, K. (Eds.), Subverting consumerism: Reuse in an accelerated world. Edited volume, UK: Routledge. (Chapter 9 pages: 225-247)


Fraser, K. (2016). ReDress: The value of diverting textile from landfill in Aotearoa.  In 28th Annual WasteMINZ Conference: Too Good to Waste. Wellington, New Zealand. PDF of presentation.


Fraser, K., & Crowe, D. A. (2016). Adventures into Chaos. Auckland, New Zealand: Gus Fisher Gallery – Intellectual Fashion Show Exhibition.  


Fraser, K. (2015). ReDress: Reducing textile waste through component reuse.  In proceedings UnMaking Waste Conference, 21 -24 May 2015, in Adelaide, South Australia.  PDF of presentation  (Pages 36-46)


Finn, A. & Fraser, K. (2014). Fake Remake: The role of the luxury fashion market in driving sustainable fashion practices. In Gardetti, M. A., & Torres, A. L. (Eds.), Sustainable luxury: Managing social and environmental performance in iconic brands. (pp. 28-42). Greenleaf Publishing: Leeds, UK. Chapter 2 pages: 28-42


Fraser, K., & Cleveland, D. (2014). Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion Practices within a New Zealand university. In 10th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. Split, Croatia.


Fraser, K. (2013). Throwaway fashion: The real cost of cheap fashion for New Zealand. In 9th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. Japan.


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Fraser, K. (2011). ReDress: Maximising reuse through ReManufacture. In International Conference of ReManufacture. Glasgow, Britain.


Fraser, K. (2011). ReFashioning New Zealand : A practitioner's reflection on fast fashion implications. International Journal of Environmental, Cultural Economic & Social Sustainability, 7(3), 275-288.


Kim Fraser, case study, featured in Gwilt A., & Rissanen, T. (2011). Shaping Sustainable Fashion - Changing the Way We Make and Use Clothes. Routledge. (pages 19-33)


Fraser, K. (2009). ReDress: refashion as a solution for clothing (un) sustainability. (Master's Thesis/Postgraduate Dissertation, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand).


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