DIY Series: How to make a Face Shield

In the midst of the Covid-19 Lockdown I was asked to make protective face shields for ESSENTIAL workers in a freight depot. They’re working on the distribution line ensuring our essentials get through to the right place. But with worldwide PPE gear being in such short supply, they just need a bit of extra protection to keep them safe while working. I was inspired by a report discussing how Washington medical staff were using craft supplies to make their own Face Shields. But, given the unavailability of craft supplies during Lockdown, I decided to test materials that I had at home.

This is an easy DIY - using things you may have at home:

DIY Face Shield: Materials from home

Foam 13cm x 3cm x 2cm: thick packaging foam or any thick foam you have

Elastic: 2 x 25cm lengths of narrow elastic

Clear Plastic: 1 x sheet A3 size is best to cut down

Plastic container (empty)

Double sided tape, desktop hole punch, scissors, craft knife, ruler

How to make a protective Face Shield during Covid-19

It’s not medically approved but it is a see-through BARRIER and better than nothing when there's a shortage of supplies. Watch the video on YouTube:

DIY Face Shield

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