A Renewed Approach - Design to reduce the need to consume

In a world powered by consumerism our real challenge, as designers and makers, is to design in such a way as to reduce the need to consume...

Wasteless Kiwi re-entered the fashion and textile industry with a fundamental understanding of the underlying environmental and ethical issues. We are designing within an overarching ethical and environmentally friendly approach towards closing the loop. We aim to make a positive impact and slow down the perpetuation of throwaway cheap fashion. We actively seek solutions that are sustainable and to change the modus operandi. We know one small brand cannot change a global culture, but our aim is to forge a path away from the current mass production model - understanding what we can influence and change and what is beyond the scope of influence.

We use a multi-pronged approach within our design process: we seek ways to reconnect people and textile; we consider heritage and the value of textile to deter the inclination  to throwaway; we consider multi-function, multi-purpose, multi-style to increase multiple functionality; we consider and reduce laundering requirements; we pattern to minimise textile waste; we design and pattern to utilise offcuts; we salvage textile and fibre trimmings for eventual reuse in felt/textile; we employ construction techniques that promote longevity; we endeavour to make local; we have a take-back policy.

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